SC grants Cebu lawyer’s bid to be delisted from ‘corrupt’ profession

Posted: February 26, 2017 by kotawinters in abuse of authority, corruption, credibility, dissenting voices, legal profession

By: Ador Vincent Mayol – Senior Reporter / @adorCDNInquirer Visayas / 02:58 PM February 25, 201

CEBU CITY–The Supreme Court (SC) has granted the request of a Cebuano lawyer to strip him of his title and functions to protest the alleged corruption in the profession, particularly in the prosecution service and the judiciary.

Lawyer Dionisio Cañete was elated upon receiving the Notice last Wednesday.

He said he was extremely disappointed when nine of the 10 cases he filed before the prosecutors’ office from 2014 to 2016 were “maliciously dismissed” despite having presented strong evidence.

Three of the nine dismissed cases were overturned by the Regional State Prosecutor.

When he returned to the prosecutors’ office, Cañete said the case folders of these cases could no longer be found.

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